Our day is starting with a delicious breakfast from our rich buffet. Refreshing drinks, little snacks and a extensive menu are available all day in our comfortable hotel bar. In addition to that you will find a variety of restaurants, bars and clubs close to our hotel. Wether you like italian, asian, traditional or american style - thanks to the central situation of our hotel you can reach them quickly by foot.

Heilbronn for enjoyment.

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Bars & Cafés in Heilbronn

Bars / Cafes
• Prediger [6]
• Dolce [7]
• Spazz [8]
• Pizzeria Armonia [9]
• Lehner's [10]
• DistelLitLounge [15]
• Caipirinha Bar [18]
• Theater Heilbronn [11]
• Cinemaxx [12]
Einkaufspassage [13]
Veranstaltungen Harmonie [14]
• Soleo Schwimmbad [16]
• Experimenta [20]
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Single Room
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Double Room
Twin Room
Twin Room
Triple Room
Triple Room